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Furniture prices and availability may vary from time to time. Clean-lined and contemporary-but far from stark-the Dexifield twin panel (a board supported by rails and stiles in joined furniture, the board can be flat or may have carved decoration, a popular decorative method is to machine a border when the panel is known as a raised and fielded panel) bed is a new style awakening. It might resemble rustic, knotty plank wood, the construction is manmade, roughness-free Once on the Ashley Furniture Homestore site with secure shopping, you should be able to receive information about stock status, and delivery estimates. Discounts and promotions are generally also available. Please contact the Ashley Furniture Homestore's customer service for ordering information, payment options, return policy and guarantee offered. Visually compare Furniture - Item: 1579 - manufacturer brand: Ashley Furniture. As a publisher participating in a performance-based marketing relationship with Ashley Furniture Homestore, we cannot guarantee the availability or price of the Dexifield Twin Panel Bed.

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