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Casual furniture caters to today's easyliving lifestyles. Overstuffed sofas, carefree fabric covers, matte finishes. Casual furniture is made from pine, oak, ash and maple. Combined with neutral colors and textured upholstery, casual interiors are spaces of warmth and friendliness.

Contemporary style furniture uses classical concepts for decoration and detail. Function is the focus of contemporary furniture. The look is modern, using bold colors, sharp lines, larger-scale accessories and art pieces. Contemporary furniture combines the latest trends in home fashions with furniture styles of the recent past. Offers a refreshing alternative from the more formal historical styles that preceded it. Contemporary styles furnishings represent a more casual lifestyle. Contemporary furniture is stylish, affordable, and comfortable. Upholstered furniture tends to be more rounded. Neither carved or applied decoration is used on contemporary styles. Woods range from walnut, cherry, ebony, and mahogany, to lighter woods such as birch, ash, and maple.

Oakland Living 9 Pc Traditional Patio Dining Set

Oakland Living 9 Pc Traditional Patio Dining Set With 1 round table, 6 stackable chairs with cushions, crank and tilting umbrella and stand. Metal hardware. Fade, chip and crack resistant. Umbrella hole. Center of table can be replaced with ice bucket. Lattice pattern and scroll (a spiral or convoluted form in ornamental design resembling the rolled end of a parchment scroll) work. Warranty: 1 year limited. Made from rust free cast aluminum. Ant...

Category: Furniture - Home Item: 39418392 21 - Oakland Living 9 Pc Traditional Patio Dining Set
Country style is a casual style that gained popularity in the 1980's and remains popular today, often featuring nature and nostalgic motifs. Country style furniture is made from pine and oak, featuring rounded cushions, floral prints, bold stripes, plaid fabric covers, woven plaids, textured fabrics, quilts, needlework, outdoor-themed accessories and braided rugs.

French provincial
During the 18th century local craftsmen living in the provinces of France, imitated finer examples of furniture, and a quaint yet formal style of furniture evolved, known as French Provincial. The French Provincial style is based on Louis XV high fashion designs of the Rococo period, simplified for country living. Woods are left in a natural walnut or beech finish. Most are white washed or painted in pastel colors, with hand painted accents and floral designs. It is more common to see caning on chairs for the seats and backs, rather than heavy upholstery.

Sectional Power Dark Brown Piece

Sectional Power Dark Brown Piece Consider all you get with sectional and coffee table set, and its easy to see: together time has never looked better. The Damacio 5 piece sectional with power offers the of top grain leather in the seating area for opulent comfort where it really counts, along with zero wall recline design for smart space efficiency. Lovers of open concept design are sure to appreciate the Challiman coffee table a...

Category: Furniture - Living Room Item: 13325759670 1 - Sectional Power Dark Brown Piece

Gaining popularity in the 19th century, the mission style is inspired by the mission furniture of the Southwest. It was a reaction against mass production and a move toward simple and utilitarian design. Arts and Craft style furniture is also referred to as Mission. The mission style is characterized by functional and simple designs, straight lines, and handcrafted pieces. Mission style furniture is made of oak and stained wood, and lacks any carved or applied decoration.

The character of southwestern and colonial mexican design is included in rustic furniture style, as are the looks of the adirondacks and the northwest. These styles evolved from furnishings used in the rural communities. Rustic furniture attributes include clean lines with regional motifs, carved or applied ornamentation. Rustic furniture is made from hickory, pine and maple, either kept in its natural finish, or colored with transparent stains or milk-paint.

8010A Modern White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

8010A Modern White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa 8010A Modern White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa...

Category: Sectional Sofa - Item: VGEV-SP-8010A 0 8010A Modern White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa - Sectional Sofa

Traditional furniture style includes original antique pieces and quality reproductions of antiques made before 1900. Design influences include Queen Anne, Chippendale, Victorian and Louis XIV-XVI. The following styles are categorized as traditional: Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Classic, Regency, French Empire, Biedermeier, Chippendale, Victorian. Traditional furniture is formal in every sense. Symmetric designs, carved curves, rich colors and fabrics, elegant upholstery, dark polished woods like cherry and mahogany. Wingback chairs, camelback sofas, topiaries, heirlooms, oriental carpets are classic examples of the traditional style.

Transitional furniture is a style of design that blends influences from various style categories. Transitional bedroom furniture mixes mission with contemporary and country with traditional. Different than the modern furniture styles that can be too industrial looking, transitional furniture combines the latest trends in home fashions with furniture styles of the recent past. The transitional style offers an alternative from the more formal historical styles that preceded it.

New Spec Delta Sectional Sofa

New Spec Delta Sectional Sofa TOP G RAIN LEA T HE R. C H RO ME LEGS. HIG H DENSI TY FOA M. NON RE CY CLE WOODEN F RA ME. DA RK B RO WN. All at once sleek, spacious, and stylish, the New Spec Delta Sectional Sofa Brown offers comfort in a contemporary package. Every piece of sectional (furniture made up of modular units capable of use separately or in various combinations, upholstered seating consisting of 2 or more sections ar...

Category: - New Spec Sofas - Sectional Sofas - Item: NEWS089-2 27 New Spec Delta Sectional Sofa - Sectional Sofas

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